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Introducing our law firm

Adesokan & Co. is a full service law firm

that listens and delivers premium legal services.

About Us

We continually use the channel of legal practice to resolve disputes and provide legal solutions for business advancement and conflicts in human relations. In conjunction with our sister company, Adesokan Properties, we also have a wealth of experience in property and asset management.

Our Sector Expertise

All Sectors

We are well rounded when it comes to business.

  • Energy & Infrastructure

  • Financial Services

  • Government Agencies

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Security Services

  • Consumer Goods

  • Pharmaceuticals

Energy & Infrastructure

We offer advise to the full range of players from government and public sector bodies to multinational corporations and financial investors. 

Financial Services

We help financial institutions navigate volatile financial markets and adverse economic environments by equipping them with strategies to achieve desired returns.

Government Agencies

We liaise with government agencies to gain insight on regulated industries and understand how their policies affect the businesses of our clients.

Laws, like houses,

lean on one another.

Edmund Burke

News & Updates

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